being superstitious is lucky

Stevie Wonder may have been wrong when he sang “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer.” According to an article on, German researchers have demonstrated that being superstitious can actually improve performance: if you have your lucky charm with you, you feel more confident and perform better. There again, it probably works the other way, too, and losing your amulet will make you perform worse.

Of course superstitions vary between cultures. I imagine that an English speaker who takes a test on Friday 13th will underperform, whereas a Spaniard would do worse if it was martes 13.

black kitten
lucky for some

Which gives me an excuse for posting this photo.

Where English readers will see it as a good omen, Spaniards will think it augurs ill.

Either way, it seems a big responsibility for such a small cat.

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