mornington crescent

I get the impression that Google searches work in much the same way as the Mornington Crescent game: there you are, following links, jumping all over the place and never quite sure where you’ll end up next, and then, suddenly, you find you’ve landed up where you intended.

Well, ok, with Google you’re as likely to end up somewhere quite unintended but equally interesting, so perhaps the analogy breaks down a bit.

Still, it seems that a number of people are ending up on this blog because of the Spanish language article Madrid, de plano posted last summer. This must come as a bit of a let down if they really were looking for a metro map.

So, here’s a useful link to a page on the Madrid Metro website where you will find an interactive and searchable route finder map which, incidentally, uses a slightly more realistic and user friendly version than the modernistic version I was talking about last year.

There’s also a rather surreal ‘text only’ map page – i.e. a list of stations on each line and nothing more – as well as a link to download the modern map in pdf format.

And while we’re looking at underground maps, I was simply going to post a link to the anagram map of the London underground, but then found the Geofftech page which leads onto here where the guy seems to have amassed the biggest collection of variations on the London Underground map theme imaginable.

It’s a pity that Transport for London take themselves so seriously that they asked for the anagram map to be removed, and I just hope these links remain valid.

I hope, too, that this post might prove of interest/use to all those poor guys who end up here looking for directions round the Madrid metro.

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Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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