navigational skills

Although I am a frequent user of public transport, it’s been a long time since I travelled any distance by car. Recently, though, on a trip to Galicia’s Costa da Morte, I spent many hours as passenger – and navigator – in a rental car.

I like maps and have a reasonable sense of direction, so I don’t actually regret declining the GPS option, but it certainly wasn’t all plain sailing: much of the time was spent juggling a road map, which seemed to show nothing smaller than an A road, a trail map, which showed all the tourist routes – many of which turned out to be suitable only for walkers, and Google maps on a phone that was having trouble connecting to the local network.
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just doodling

I’m not really sure if that should be doodling or dawdling.

After all, if I’d been in a hurry, I wouldn’t have been paying attention to the bits and bobs of rubbish strewn across the pavement; it was only because I was dawdling that I noticed these doodles formed by a couple of rubber bands I suspect were dropped by the postman.
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mornington crescent

I get the impression that Google searches work in much the same way as the Mornington Crescent game: there you are, following links, jumping all over the place and never quite sure where you’ll end up next, and then, suddenly, you find you’ve landed up where you intended.

Well, ok, with Google you’re as likely to end up somewhere quite unintended but equally interesting, so perhaps the analogy breaks down a bit.
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Madrid, de plano

Si has llegado aquí buscando un plano del metro, encontrarás algunos enlaces útiles aquí. – Añadido agosto 2008.

“Metro de Madrid se sale del mapa” dice el anuncio, y suena mucho mejor en castellano que en inglés. A mí me cuesta no interpretarlo como “los políticos se salen con la suya y el Metro de Madrid se ha perdido” pero en realidad es una referencia al nuevo diseño del plano del Metro. Después de tanta carrera para inaugurar el mayor número posible de estaciones antes de las elecciones, ahora han inaugurado un mapa nuevo para que quepan todas en la misma hoja.

Y, sinceramente, a mí no me gusta.

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