pictures of pigs

I hadn’t really planned it that way, but one of the things that brings people to this blog is the subject of pigs being slaughtered. It surprised me the first time I noticed the search phrase on the blog stats, but there certainly are several mentions – and photos – of pigs (or boars) in various states. That’s probably because I’m based in Spain and there are pig products pretty much everywhere.

As may be apparent from most of the posts, I do my own photography. Much of it is done in public places, as was the picture which follows the break. (Don’t look if you are faint-hearted.)

So this article from the British Journal of Photography about the Counter-Terrorism Act has me worried: I take pictures in public places and I want to be able to use them on this blog or as illustrations to articles etc.

The problem will be the interpretation of the new rules (coming into force on Feb 16th) under section 76 of the 2008 Act and section 58A of the 2000 Act. These will target anyone who ‘elicits or attempts to elicit information about (members of armed forces) … which is of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism’.

That seems all too likely to result in yet another excuse for over-enthusiastic police to confiscate cameras and hassle photographers who are simply doing what comes naturally: taking pictures in public spaces of government (as in “famous”, rather than “sensitive”) buildings and British people in uniforms (policemen and beefeaters rather than troops on manouevres).

I probably should check what our local laws say, but for the moment I’ll close with a picture taken this time last year at a fiesta in a village in the Sierra de Francia. I just hope I’m within my rights posting pictures of Spanish pigs in public places.

gutted pig
...from the nave to the chops

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