is it a cloud…?

an early image of the Gredos fire
an early image of the local fire

No, it’s smoke from the fire on the land just above my house.

one of four or five on the scene
one of four or five on the scene

Since I took that picture, the cloud has grown and now you can see the flames reflected in it.

This is the second fire in a few weeks (see my comments on the first one here), and this time it’s on my side of the river.

Once again, the helicopters are flying directly overhead to deal with it. I’m hoping that they can deal with it. And soon.

I think they must have evacuated people at the top end of town as there have been tannoy requests for water, fruit & sarnies to be taken to the Town Hall. I don’t think those are for the personnel of the “7 helicopters, 4 hydroplanes, 2 coordination ‘copters, 10 land teams, 13 firetrucks and numerous other land resources” that have been deployed according to on-line sources.

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