another sunny day in paradise

Well, that’s the impression you’d get from looking out of my study window. A bit breezy, but unbroken blue skies.

That’s because the window faces southeast.

To the north, the fires are still uncontrolled. And although I can’t see any of it, I can’t forget it’s happening as there are helicopters and aeroplanes going directly overhead every few minutes.

So far two people have died and some 300 hectares have been burned. That’s not a lot in comparison to other places – the Cáceres fire has destroyed ten times that area, and it’s still burning, although reported to be ‘stabilised’ – but it’s disturbing to have it happen practically in your own back yard.

One thing that surprises me, is how hard it is to get reliable up-to-date news of what’s happening. As usual, there’s lots of information available on the internet, but half of it is out-of-date and three quarters is opinion.

There are rumours in the village itself, of course. I’ve heard that “it’ll all be under control by early evening.” I’ve also heard of “two more points where fire has broken out up by the Sanctuary.” And there’s talk of a third fatality, though I’ve no idea quite where.

Twenty-something years ago, my partner was a radio ham and we always knew what was happening. True, you weren’t supposed to listen in on police channels, but mostly you could rely on them to be up to date with their information. Communication techniques may have changed in the last couple of decades, but they haven’t necessarily improved.

The mayor has apparently estimated that it’s now 3000 hectares that are affected, and it’s still not under control, which probably means another night when they can’t do very much.

Ah well. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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