location, location, location…

And we are fortunate about our location: the wind has carried the fire north, away from us. Not only that, but we are within spitting distance of a natural swimming pool where the fire trucks can come and refill with water, and not much farther from a pantano where the ‘watercopters’ can top up.

filling up at the pool
filling up at the pool

I went down this afternoon and had a long chat with un viejo about what was going on. He was keeping an eye on a trestle table where they had water, coffee and other drinks and snacks available for the firemen when they came to refill.

He told me they’d shut off the irrigation systems up-river so that there was more water flowing down to the pool. (It’s a concrete pool which takes advantage of the natural river. Neither fish nor fowl: you swim with the fishes, but in a man-made construction.)

Once again, I was amazed at how little information was available.

I wasn’t surprised how cagey the bombero was who drove his small tanker-truck down to re-fill while I was there. He had presumably been told not to scare the kids who were lying around enjoying the sunshine. But when I asked him “What news?” his “Nothing good” was answer enough.

I was surprised, though, that the old guy had no mobile phone, no additional information to warn him when a convoy of firetrucks would arrive. He was just sitting there under the trees, waiting to see what happened.

Modern resources may be being deployed, but there are some things that seem very primitive.

Well, it isn’t very up to date, but at least this news piece from Avila Digital gives the impression that they were actually there and not just cutting and pasting what they’d read on the news feeds.

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