la penúltima

Grey mother cat & 3 black kittens suckling
One for the road

The Spanish don’t have “one last drink” – for them, it’s always “la penúltima”.

But the gatitos in the picture appear to have sucked all the colour from their mother and are now almost as large as she is. I’ve just seen her reject one of them despite his plaintive mewling, so maybe she’s finally decided to call last orders.

(No, it’s not a very good photo, but you wouldn’t have wanted me to disturb them, would you?)

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

3 thoughts on “la penúltima”

  1. If, next week, the mother cat is so drained of patience with the loud music the hulking big teenage kittens are playing in their stinking bedrooms that her fur turns white, it might be time for you to intervene.


    six nipples
    seven kittens
    alas runt


    1. I ought to know by now that first thoughts aren’t always best. Obviously “alas runt” should be “one runt”.

      six nipples
      seven kittens
      one runt


      1. Sadly, too, cats usually have eight nipples, so you need to re-think the sums.

        Since I’ve seen this cat suckle kittens that aren’t hers – her ancient tortoiseshell mother had a litter about three days after these were born, but, allegedly, they have since been orphaned – I think she might answer to the name “Mrs Malone”.

        (Presumably Eleanor Farjeon’s poetry is not in the public domain, although that poem is on-line in a couple of places.)


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