be careful what you wish for

telephone cables
not exactly a wireless connection
Where British Telecom users often say ‘Telecon’, Spanish customers of Telefónica refer to the company as ‘Timofónica’, and I suppose most other national telecommunications companies have similar nicknames.

Currently, I’m debating whether the situation is best described as tele-non-communication or being tele-incomunicada.

A fortnight ago, the router was destroyed by a mains glitch during a storm. Well, we weren’t actually here when it happened, but that seems the likely explanation as some hundred routers round the village needed replacing.

Then we had high winds and the internet connection kept waxing and waning and eventually the phone line died completely.

There’s such a spaghetti of cables at the local centralita that the guy who was supposed to fix it actually hooked us up to someone else’s phone line, taking out our adsl at the same time. Despite having my mobile number to call and check, when there was no answer from the land-line he simply concluded there was ‘no one home’. Which seems a fairly accurate description of most of the phone-company people I’ve had to deal with recently either by phone or in person.

Yesterday I lost both phone and internet connection again. And today it seems that, once again, it’s been reported as ‘fixed’ without anyone checking with me.

When the last of the visitors left a couple of weeks ago, and I was on my own once more, ready to settle to some serious work, I said I was looking forward to some peace and quiet. This was not quite what I had in mind. True, I have a smart phone and can just about manage to hook up a connection and do the bare minimum to keep my tele-work ticking over, but it’s no way to run a business.

I am – possibly even literally – at the end of my tether.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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