of maths and chocolates

This labelling on a box of ‘chocolates and toffees’ makes me want to reach for a pen and paper and start drawing Venn diagrams:

chocolate package label

Which reminds me of Randall Monroe’s take on geeks and nerds over at xkcd:
xkcd 747
Which in turn seems to suggest the existence of the intersecting non-empty sets of chocolate geeks, grammar geeks and maths nerds.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

2 thoughts on “of maths and chocolates”

  1. Harrumph! What’s soya doing in chocolate and toffees? In my day, there were no dodgy added ingredients in chocolates and toffees, but only good honest Quagga fat and traces of Tasmanian Wolf testicles – except in the Dodo Whirl, of course, which contained traces of [i]Viola cryana[/i], because captive dodos would eat nothing else.


    1. Nowadays, of course, we must cater for chocolate-eating vegetarians, and I don’t think Quagga fat etc is quite acceptable.

      The labelling leaves me uncertain as to what percentage milk solids the milk chocolate might contain:

      milk chocolate labelling

      And I bet that ‘in your day’ there was no recommendation that “Chocolates should be kept lovingly in a cool dry place.” (I thought they were made for sharing, not for keeping.)


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