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I haven’t written anything new for a while, but am pleased to have polished some old poems and I actually sent off a competition entry today, which is the first I’ve managed in many months. I’ve also recently applied for a place on a course, and offered a workshop for another course, so it’s not that I’m not thinking about poetry, just that I don’t seem to have any new ideas.

So, I was wondering what I could post, and glancing back over the recent blog entries I saw the one about el conductor que más habla del mundo. This got me thinking about the many coach journeys I’ve made in the UK, particularly along the M4 between London and South Wales. And I remembered the days when National Express used to employ stewards who would serve hot drinks and sandwiches.

I remember listening to the driver and steward talking on one such journey and making the following notes. I think the conversation was in English – though the accents were clearly Welsh – but I only remember the general sound, none of the details.


They speak

with the deep brown vowels

of the valleys. The broad sounds

of a land exposed to Heaven

roll between them

thick as clouds, and thunder 

echoes in their throats.

My files say this dates back to 2002, and I don’t think it’s really a poem, but it seems a fair contrast to the chatter overheard on Spanish bus trips.

Incidentally, I’ve been clearing out some papers this afternoon, trying to find something, and found notes for poems I didn’t know I’d ever even thought of. Maybe I’ll tackle some of those and produce something new soon.

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Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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