omnibus edition

More thoughts and words on buses. Starting with my own:

Estación de autobuses

The bus belches, wheezes, shifts
on its haunches and sighs: tired
of waiting for the passengers. They
kick their heels, scuff gravel, grind
cigarette stubs into the ground: tired
of waiting for the bus. The driver
toma su café; se toma
su tiempo.

But, as Flanders and Swann sang, “We like to drive in conveys, we’re most gregarious,” so to make this a proper omnibus edition it seems appropriate to add a few more links.

I’ve read that Wendy Cope, very reasonably, objects to all the unofficial copies of her poetry available on the web; so although her Bloody men can be found in full on many websites, I’ll link instead to Cope’s bio on the Poetry Archive where the first four lines (of 12) are quoted in the text.

When I was looking to see whether I could find the poem on any official site, I came across Bloody men are like bloody buses by Amy Sutton, which is clearly inspired by the poem by Cope.

And finally, a few lines I remember from my Latin lessons. Neither poetry, nor Latin, I suppose, but fun all the same if you read it aloud with the right accent:

Brutus ad sum iam forte
Caesar et erat.
Brutus sic in omnibus
Caesar sic inat.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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