scheduled water fights

Guardian headline:man charged over water fight
The Guardian have published a story about a guy being charged for arranging a ‘water fight’ using BlackBerry Messenger.

The chaps in in the picture illustrating the article are shown wielding what look like fairly hi-tech water pistols.

Certainly the ‘weapons’ look more efficient than those that I own, which, although pleasingly cheap and cheerful, are unfortunately made up of far too many sections and so tend to leak rather badly.

water pistols

So, let it be known that anyone who visits me is welcome to bring their own water pistol and participate in a waterfight (scheduled daily, morning and evening) from the vantage point of my verandah.

Well, perhaps it’s more a question of sniper practice: the ‘enemy’ are the neighbour’s cats – and very occasionally a wandering dog – and the aim is to defend the territory of my own cats and allow them to eat in peace.

I just hope that the fact that I have announced this via a WordPress Blog doesn’t mean that the whole of the blogging platform will have to be taken down in order to fight terrorism.

Perhaps I should make it clear that I am not planning this for the UK, but for Spain, where it’s far more common to target cats with air rifles and shotguns.

We had to have one of our cats put down last year after shotgun pellets shattered one of his forelegs and humerus too badly to make surgery a valid option. Even if I turned the hose pipe full on the intruders like a water cannon, I don’t think it’d actually do them any real damage.

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2 thoughts on “scheduled water fights”

  1. Aunque como -casi- siempre, no tiene mucho que ver. Pero me ha venido a la cabeza una frase de una canción en la que se habla de una “water pistol full of gin”. Tampoco es mala idea. Más de uno se pasaría todo el intercambio de “disparos” con la boca abierta.

    La canción “The water pistol” ( es del músico de pop español más ignorado y minusvalorado de la historia. Y no exagero.


    1. Pues, si me hace sonreir, siempre tiene que ver, y sí, la idea de una water pistol full of gin me gusta.

      Ahora me pregunto si no habrá forma de usar un sifón como water pistol más eficaz, aunque menos elegante. Y siempre queda lo de la botella vacía de lavavajillas (sólo que uso yo esa marca de Villarriba y ¡no se me acaba nunca!)

      Lo de la canción, pues, quizás es más popular de lo que parece: a pesar de ver/escucharla varias veces, no sube el contador de YouTube ni uno.


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