from this week’s news

A couple of things that have caught my eye on the BBC website this week.

First, from the ‘most popular’ links, comes this:

Study links parenting to drinking

Sadly, it doesn’t mean that having children can drive you to drink, which is what I imagined. It actually linked through to a story with the headline “Parenting style strongly affects drinking, Demos says”.

The second is from a story about UK social surveys and comes under the headline Why state surveys asked about bras and haddock.

The paragraph that caught my eye is about the National Centre for Social Research’s sex survey, and says:

The survey, now in its third decade, is today supported by research foundations and provides information on sexual behaviour that informs government policy.

Relative clauses are one of my personal grammatical bugbears, and I do still sometimes get in knots over thats and whiches. The quoted sentence does seem, though, to be something I would have rephrased before publishing. Unless, of course, they really do mean they are studying the sexual behaviour that informs government policy.

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4 thoughts on “from this week’s news”

  1. Ha! Funny! By the way, off topic, I’ve been enjoying reading through some of your recent blog posts after not looking for a bit – it makes me a little ‘Spain-sick’, but I’m happy that you’re there, spotting all the interesting quirks of a double-languaged, double-countried life and sharing them. I especially liked your comment about ‘being only a generation away from the pueblo’. Not even that, I reckon. ‘Only a drive away’ was how I felt it among some of my Spanish friends. Anyway, back to pondering politics and sex…..


    1. Hey!
      Good to know that some of it rings true to someone who’s been here.
      The whole concept of pueblo deserves attention. I think I have an old piece that talked about it, so maybe I should look it out and see if I can make something of it.
      As for pondering politics and sex… I’m not a terribly political animal.
      ¡un abrazo!


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