image problems

One of the advantages of starting a blog post by choosing a photograph or two and then finding something to write that can go alongside, is that the whole issue of images is sorted.

If you start with the words, though, however vast your archive of photos, there may not be anything that fits and it’s not always easy to take a bespoke photo, even if you have an idea that would work.
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news and views

Two snippets from the news have caught my eye this week.

Firstly, I gather from this tweet from the Independent that I must have missed something about new government policies on euthanasia:

Tweet: "pensioners to be told how long they have left to live"
I wonder how much warning they intend to give before carting us off to be processed into Soylent Green.
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the weight of the world

clock, thermometer, tape measure, kitchen scale...

I suspect I’m one of the few women of my age group who has never been on a diet; I was a skinny child and my mother used to tell me I wouldn’t put on weight until I got “a contented mind”.

I’m not sure that’s what happened, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to ignore all the media hype about obesity and health: what used to be reserved for the pages of women’s magazines seems to have spilled over into the general press, and I’ve been aware for a while that my BMI is up at the top end of the acceptable range.

The latest article to catch my eye is on the BBC Health page, entitled “Where are you on the global fat scale?”.
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books and friends

I don’t really see the appeal of Twitter – perhaps because I don’t really understand how it works – but occasionally friends send me links to ‘trending topics’.

Yesterday, I got a link to #whatsyourgeekconfession and found this at the top:

geek confession screenshot: I have more books than friends

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from this week’s news

A couple of things that have caught my eye on the BBC website this week.

First, from the ‘most popular’ links, comes this:

Study links parenting to drinking

Sadly, it doesn’t mean that having children can drive you to drink, which is what I imagined. It actually linked through to a story with the headline “Parenting style strongly affects drinking, Demos says”.

The second is from a story about UK social surveys and comes under the headline Why state surveys asked about bras and haddock.
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