books and friends

I don’t really see the appeal of Twitter – perhaps because I don’t really understand how it works – but occasionally friends send me links to ‘trending topics’.

Yesterday, I got a link to #whatsyourgeekconfession and found this at the top:

geek confession screenshot: I have more books than friends

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There are times I can see the appeal of Twitter for a writer, particularly for poets. I often ‘find’ an image that I know will probably one day find its way into a poem, but that I don’t have time to think through and connect to other things right away.

So, in 140 characters – or less, to make it easily re-tweetable – I could capture that image in a kind of tweet’ku.

There again, I already spend enough time updating the blog, so perhaps I’m better off posting such things here, particularly as I can include the photo directly. Like this:

Cob nuts in mob caps

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