time flies

24-hour clock, Greenwich
All over Europe people have been ‘putting the clocks back’ this weekend.

Well, not quite all over: a story on the BBC reports that Russian clocks stay on summertime.

What I like most about that is the fact that when President Medvedev announced his decision he said it was “in order to relieve the stress of changing clocks.”

Most of my clocks are digital and change automatically, so there’s not too much stress involved in changing them.

I was sure I’d already written something on the blog about the hassle of changing the clocks, so I looked back and found this post triggered by the BBC headline Clock change may cause tiredness.

I’m startled to find I wrote that four years ago: time really does fly.

And changing the clocks does also affect sleep patterns, apparently. At least, I assume that’s why I’m posting this at 5am. (It would have been 4am, but it’s taken me an hour to find the photo – the 24 hour clock at Greenwich.)

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Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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