summertime blues

Last week I complained that with all the different days that people celebrate, every day has to do multiple duty, meaning that each week has far more than seven days.

But it’s not just the days that fly by apace.
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It’s late evening on Saturday and I haven’t yet posted anything to the blog. The day seems to have run away from me and I’m not feeling particularly inspired, so perhaps I could do worse than post a photo of a clock, even if it’s only a dandelion clock.
Dandelion clock and dandelion full flower That’s it for today. I hope to do better tomorrow.


cowslip flowers close up
British Summer Time starts today, which meant I got up early – by the clock, at least. I still haven’t adapted to living in the UK again, so I headed off to the 24-hour supermarket in the naïve expectation that it would be open. Of course it wasn’t.

Today is Easter Sunday and big stores are closed.
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every second counts

This weekend we changed the clocks for the end of British Summertime and in yesterday’s post I suggested that this must mean that Autumn has now, finally, begun.

dandelion clock
On further consideration, though, I note that there is no equivalent official season to BST; there isn’t even a “British Wintertime”. We’re now in an officially mandated no-man’s season between the governmentally assigned summers that last approximately six months.
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time flies

24-hour clock, Greenwich
All over Europe people have been ‘putting the clocks back’ this weekend.

Well, not quite all over: a story on the BBC reports that Russian clocks stay on summertime.

What I like most about that is the fact that when President Medvedev announced his decision he said it was “in order to relieve the stress of changing clocks.”

Most of my clocks are digital and change automatically, so there’s not too much stress involved in changing them.
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