a lack of chocolate

Yesterday’s post looked at a few of the different aspects of Easter and prompted a comment about the goddess Eostre, who may or may not have been an invention of the eight century monk, the Venerable Bede.

This reminded me once more that the ‘new life’ of Easter is not just about the Christian resurrection, but is also linked with fertility.

From there, my mind jumped to the etymological link with oestrus and oestrogen.
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Easter day

I read in the papers recently that Easter has now become almost as great a non-religious celebration as Christmas, with gifts and cards, crackers, candles and floral wreaths.

Personally, I won’t be celebrating in any way, except inasmuch as today being Easter Sunday has influenced the choice of photos for this blog post.
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cowslip flowers close up
British Summer Time starts today, which meant I got up early – by the clock, at least. I still haven’t adapted to living in the UK again, so I headed off to the 24-hour supermarket in the naïve expectation that it would be open. Of course it wasn’t.

Today is Easter Sunday and big stores are closed.
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holidays and holy days

Nowadays, most people seem to overlook Good Friday, but I thought it was an excuse to leave my desk for a while.

It’s been a glorious sunny day, but I didn’t take my camera when I went out, so rather than my usual habit of seeing things through a lens darkly, I actually looked directly at all the yellow flowers of spring: the daffodils peeking over garden walls, the primroses nestling in the uncut grass, the brighter yellow of celandines and, perhaps brightest of all, the shaggy-maned dandelions.

This lovely camellia stood out as such a different colour that I was tempted to try and capture it on my phone.

pink camellia bloom
With wind and rain forecast for tomorrow, I don’t think those blossoms will last long, so I am glad I was brought up to think of Good Friday as a holiday.

camera shy

Posted much later than I intended, but here’s an Easter bunny:

Wild brown rabbit

As you’ll gather from the photo, he wasn’t easy to find. I hope some of you had better luck if you went hunting for Easter eggs.

Easter gifts

Book: Oscar Wilde Fairy Tales

It’s Easter and I’ve realised that I don’t remember any of the Easter eggs I was given as a child, though I’m fairly sure there must have been some and I’m sure I was quite excited about them at the time.

Later on, I may have been given chocolates, flowers or other gifts by friends and lovers; no doubt they put a dutiful amount of thought into the choosing and the giving.

Perhaps I even gave presents to other people. If I did, though, I don’t remember.

In fact, from all the Easter gifts given and received during more than fifty years, I only remember one – the book in the picture.

The dedication inside shows just how long ago I was given it:

Book dedication: Easter 1967

Half a century from now, how many people will reach for their e-reader and bring up a digital file that will have the power to connect them to the past in the way this book connects me?

paschal moon

full moon, Gredos

With nicotine-stained fingers, she pushes aside
the net curtains of the clouds and stoops
to look through your bedroom window.

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