summertime blues

Last week I complained that with all the different days that people celebrate, every day has to do multiple duty, meaning that each week has far more than seven days.

But it’s not just the days that fly by apace.
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eternal sunshine

It’s a long time since I first came across Sydney Smith’s comment to his brother, “We have reversed the law of nature: you have risen by your gravity, and I have sunk by my levity.” And probably just as long since I first heard it suggested that we should repeal the law of gravity.

Somewhere in the same space in my brain where I access those ideas is a link to the idea of climate change, in particular to scientists’ warnings that, despite its name, global warming will bring harsher winters.
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cowslip flowers close up
British Summer Time starts today, which meant I got up early – by the clock, at least. I still haven’t adapted to living in the UK again, so I headed off to the 24-hour supermarket in the naïve expectation that it would be open. Of course it wasn’t.

Today is Easter Sunday and big stores are closed.
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