smoke screens

At this time of year, all round the valley, everyone is busy pruning trees and vines and making the most of the dry weather for bonfires. The clouds, mist and smoke all blend and it’s impossible to tell which it is hanging in the still air.

low mist over the village

Bonfire after pruning;
at nightfall, the green wood
is still singing

Después de la poda, una hoguera;
cuando cae la noche
la madera verde sigue su canto

Incidentally, some of the short poems from this blog have been brought together in the eBook Poems from the pueblo: Haiku & assorted fragments. There are several versions available for download:

  • FREE iPad-only version from the iBookStore (includes video introduction & sound files)
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  • You’ll find full information over on the books page of my website. Feedback and reviews are always appreciated.

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    Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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