I’ve mentioned bonfires a couple of times in the last week, and I reckon half the village have been out in their gardens, taking advantage of the sunshine and what, for many, is a long weekend. They haven’t all been busy at the same task, though:

cutting the grass

above the bitter smoke of bonfires
the scent of new-mown grass

I was particularly surprised by that as my lawn looked like this until about midday:

frosted grass close up

Night ran her fingers through the grass
and left it furred with white

I’ll complete the post with two more photos from this morning:

Chestnut tree in autumn

Sound of raindrops:
chestnut leaves
patter from the blue sky

Here it was the scarlet berries that caught my eye – far brighter in real life than in the photo:


Holly berries
bright above an ivy hedge;
Christmas looms

Incidentally, when I downloaded the photos to my computer, I realised the camera was still running on summertime, so it’s not just me who’s confused about the seasons.
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