no joke

One more post prompted by my trip to Madrid this week: at metro Bilbao, my attention was caught by this advert:

yommana thai concept advert
There has to be a joke there somewhere, but “Yo momma is una auténtica terapeuta tailandesa – a real Thai masseuse” just doesn’t seem to work.

Libros a la calle
There again, it seems there are metro passengers who probably think calling someone foreign is an insult.

At first I thought the defacing of this libros a la calle poster was random, then I looked more closely. (Taking photos in crowded trains isn’t easy; the complete poster can be seen here.)

A little girl is describing her letter to the Reyes (traditionally, Spanish children get Christmas gifts from the Magi, not from Santa):

La Carta de los Reyes Magos
Y yo le pedí en la carta al Rey Baltasar, que es mi Rey, porque es negro y me cae muy bien: Y quiero que este año tengamos un hermanito, o una hermanita, para jugar con ella y cuidarla y darle besos en el pelo.

Sadly, it was the word ‘negro‘ that was scratched out out: presumably someone didn’t think the black King Balthasar should be any child’s favourite.

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