dydd dewi sant

It’s St David’s Day, and they say Tri chynnig i Gymro, so it seems appropriate to post three photos, all taken in Wales.

Chepstow Castle, south Wales

In every town and village
grey stones
grey skies

Heston Brake, standing stones, South Wales

Standing stones on the horizon;
the wind tears at wool
tufting from barbed wire



On my windowsill
a jar of sunshine

If anyone wants a full-length poem for St David’s Day, check out Hiraeth, posted a couple of years ago.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

2 thoughts on “dydd dewi sant”

  1. I dydd not Noh Theatre
    Till St. David’s Day in Wales.
    Strange stones & tongues call to me.


    When I see or hear the Welsh Language, I seem to be transported to a land that is part OZ & part Seuss, and totally immersed in the land of Ancient Faerie.


    1. I wish I could say as, R S Thomas did in Welsh Testament, that:
      “I spoke a tongue that was passed on
      To me in the place I happened to be,
      A place huddled between grey walls
      Of cloud for at least half the year.”

      In fact, one of the worst experiences of my adult life was a week’s “immersion” Welsh course. It taught me a lot about teaching and a lot about adult learning, but not much Welsh – I can still only speak “tipyn bach”.

      Thanks for dropping by!


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