there’s a bug

yellow wild flower and bug
When I walked across the neighbour’s field the other day, it was almost waist-deep in spring flowers: poppies, wild lupins, hawkweed, oxeye daisies, little purple vetches… The brightest of all were these golden blooms which were glorious from a distance, but not so nice up close as nearly every one harboured some kind of bug-eyed monster.

(Incidentally, I’m beginning to think I should change the blog tag-line to “Mostly first person poetry, prose, pedantry and plant pictures.”)

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

4 thoughts on “there’s a bug”

    1. Hey Sylvia!
      Wordpress got over-enthusiastic and filtered your comment as spam – presumably because of the link in it. Sorry. Glad you liked the bug (or perhaps it was the flower?!) So many flowers in the fields round here at the moment. And we’ve had so much rain this spring that the grasses are shoulder high. Now – a week after the picture was taken – it’s actually too hot to be outside in the afternoon sunshine.


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