summery II

Another summery picture to mark the fact that although yesterday was the longest day, today the sun will actually set later.**

linden flower
As Rimbaud said in his poem Roman: Les tilleuls sentent bon dans les bons soirs de juin! – lindens smell sweet on fine June evenings. What he didn’t say is that they smell sweet all day long.

We only have one tilo (the type of tree I grew up calling a lime, despite it having no connection with the citrus fruit) and at this time of year I always give it a wide berth as it is abuzz with bees, wasps, hornets and a host of other insects.

The tea made from the flower is said to have a calming effect, but the bugs don’t seem to be affected and they make me positively nervous; I swear you can hear the tree at 20 paces.

But perhaps that wouldn’t be very suitable information for a poem about young love.
** As usual, I am speaking as a native of the northern hemisphere as if nothing existed to the south: apologies to those who are reading this in the depths of winter.

The times in the table below are from the fascinating website, where there is a huge amount of useful information and fun stuff:

Sunrise & sunset times for Madrid, Spain
info for Madrid, Spain

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