summer blues

I was wondering why I seem to find so little to post about recently. After all, there’s no less news than there used to be. If anything, there’s probably more than ever. Perhaps that’s the problem: there is just too much information around for me to process it effectively and I think I feel less informed than ever.

Which may explain why I have fallen back on posting photographs.
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perfumed memories

Linden flowersThe scent of linden flowers after rain – from the tree the English call lime – has brought memories of the garden in Spain.
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what are you waiting for?

The neighbour’s oaks are always among the last of the local trees to lose their leaves, but the terrific winds of a few nights ago left them practically bare. Yesterday was the shortest day, so now it’s downhill to summer.

Linden seeds
Why, then, is the linden determined to hang on to her seeds? They have to go some time, so what is she waiting for?

And you? Are you planning to turn over a new leaf? Do you have a New Year’s resolution already prepared? Why aren’t you going ahead with it right now?

(And by “you”, I mean “me”, of course.)


Yesterday, I wrote 229 words under the title summery II. Much of that post has been condensed into the following 14 words. Which is why this is titled summary.

Through the long hours
of the longest days,
the linden hums
with honeyed promises

bee on linden flowers

summery II

Another summery picture to mark the fact that although yesterday was the longest day, today the sun will actually set later.**

linden flower
As Rimbaud said in his poem Roman: Les tilleuls sentent bon dans les bons soirs de juin! – lindens smell sweet on fine June evenings. What he didn’t say is that they smell sweet all day long.
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