saturday morning

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I’m currently staying with my sister**, who I suspect is frustrated by my inevitable late arrival at the breakfast table on weekends. She knows I’m awake; she hears me call “I’ll be down in a minute!”; but the clock ticks on and the minute turns into an hour.

I think what we’ve both failed to appreciate is my desperate need for validation.

It’s the weekend. I write my blog. If I’m lucky, someone clicks the “like” button. If I wait a bit, maybe someone else does. A bit longer, and maybe someone else…

How can I possibly leave my computer to go and have breakfast when there’s the chance that there are people out there in the world beyond my screen who are liking me? It would be rude to abandon them.

In the end I take my tablet to the kitchen with me and pretend that I am checking the weather forecast as we make our plans for the day. In fact I’m just counting likes. Am I more popular today than yesterday? How does it compare to last weekend?

**I seldom talk about my family here on the blog as I think they have a right to privacy. This post is prompted in part by advice I was given by an award-winning writer last week. I was dithering about whether I really do want to write a memoir as it might cause upset to the people involved. His reaction: “family and friends? Fuck them. They’ll get over it.”

I’m not sure my sister will; at least not unless my punctuality improves.

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2 thoughts on “saturday morning”

  1. I had to laugh when I read your post because I could totally relate! I’ve only had my blog a week but I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve checked my stats and emails to see how many views, likes and follows I’ve gotten since I last checked!


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