vegetarian options

Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night are long gone, Remembrance Day is here, and all the supermarket and lifestyle magazines are already looking ahead to Christmas. I am less than interested in the recipes for fish, flesh and fowl, so am glad to see that the latest Waitrose weekly is catering for the vegetarians among us:

 Four beers for Christmas lunch

“Four beers for Christmas lunch”? I can think of worse options.

When I snapped that headline, I hadn’t realised I’d also caught a fragment of the article above:
Text from Waitrose Magazine: best spirits for recipes
So it seems that Christmas dinner doesn’t have to be limited to a beer straight from the bottle. Maybe I’ll try something a little more ambitious, using a mix of those “most versatile” of spirits rum, vodka and gin, which are “the basis of a lot of the real classics”. Again, I can think of worse Christmas fare.

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