on the fly

So, it’s Saturday morning and I haven’t much idea about what to post on the blog.

Hmm… Cue for a song? Another Saturday dawns and I ain’t got no blog post/ I got some photos, but I got no words/ How I wish I had something to write about/ I’m in an awful way… Maybe not.

Still, it’s true that I have some photos. This is what I found when I downloaded the last lot from my camera:

jewel-bright fly

So, the theme for the day seems to be flies.

We all know that:

Time flies like an arrow; green flies like roses; fruit flies like a banana; zip flies jam

But it’s not exactly poetry.

I’ve been writing poems with bugs in them since the Sixties, but there aren’t many actual flies in among the spiders and glistening carabids.

Still, I can quote the last stanza of Lines as the sun rises above the pine copse:

Upwards to the summer sky
two iridescent flies
spiral round a barley-sugar twist
of vibrant air.

And, por si las moscas there are any Spanish readers out there – ¡hola! – a reminder of the marvellous Serrat interpretation of Machado’s poem “Las Moscas”:

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Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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