I have never paid for upgrades to this blog, so some readers may see adverts at the end of the posts. Even readers who don’t get the ads are probably offered links to “related” posts.

I don’t know what algorithm WordPress uses to choose these stories, but the connections are sometimes tenuous at best. As the image shows, another website I visited recently seemed to have all the bases covered:

related topics: life; alcohol

Without enquiring too closely into my own mind’s algorithms, thinking about connections, relationships and links, reminded me of a sign I came across the other day:
No parking sign: Old Vicarage: chains and clamps in operation
I wonder who it is at the Old Vicarage who operates the chains and clamps, how expert they are, and whether they take pleasure in their work. I wonder, too, if they also know about ropes.
knotted yellow rope
I suppose it’s more likely they know about bell ropes than sailors knots, but that yellow rope was on a yacht.

This little boat had no ropes, no oars and nothing to explain what it was doing in the middle of a field. Admittedly that field used to be part of a Great Mere, but it was drained in Cromwell’s time and, old as the little boat might be, I don’t think it goes back quite that far.

old wooden rowing boat in a field
From the draining of meres to the dredging of channels is surely only a short hop, so I’ll end with the ropes and cables, connections and cog wheels of this rather lovely machinery from a sand dredger, which I think I visited in Gloucester Docks.
sand dredger machinery close up
Now, perhaps, if you use your imagination, you can create a chain from the links below that will have some tenuous connection to life, alcohol or other related topics.

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