in a pickle

Well, not really in a pickle, as the spices in the picture are not yet even tied up in muslin. And, anyway, they were to be used to make chutney.

Which leads me on to wonder what the difference between chutney and pickle actually is. The top results in Google don’t help much; I think they are biased towards the States, where things like gherkins, which are preserved without cooking, are classed as pickles, while vegetables and fruits cooked in vinegar with spices are called chutney or relish.
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torque talk

Yesterday’s photo was a single daisy: one of the first flowers many of us learn to love, and one that tends to be associated with natural simplicity.

Today’s picture – also from my mother’s garden – is a rather more complex scenario, but one that appears to be laden with budding possibilities:

clematis - old tendrils and new shoots
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nothing but fluff

I have been distracted by real life, so haven’t posted to the blog for nearly three weeks. Now, when I have finally found time to sit at the computer, there seems to be nothing in my head but fluff. If I am to make a post today, I think the best I can do is fall back on old photos. English meadow buttercups and dandelions
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I have never paid for upgrades to this blog, so some readers may see adverts at the end of the posts. Even readers who don’t get the ads are probably offered links to “related” posts.

I don’t know what algorithm WordPress uses to choose these stories, but the connections are sometimes tenuous at best. As the image shows, another website I visited recently seemed to have all the bases covered:

related topics: life; alcohol
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just hanging around

Levis 501s faded jeans hanging on  washing line

Just hanging around, posting fairly regular updates but making no particular effort to get noticed, I find I now have 501 blog followers.

Thank you, not only to those who follow, but also to those who just drop by occasionally to read, comment or enjoy the view.

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