friends & strangers

green praying mantis
This photo of one of the stranger bugs I have had the pleasure of meeting up close is dedicated to the friends – and strangers – who read this blog and occasionally leave comments or click the ‘like’ button.

just hanging around

Levis 501s faded jeans hanging on  washing line

Just hanging around, posting fairly regular updates but making no particular effort to get noticed, I find I now have 501 blog followers.

Thank you, not only to those who follow, but also to those who just drop by occasionally to read, comment or enjoy the view.

what’s not to like?

In a recent email, a friend said he’d “been enjoying” the recent posts on the blog. “But you haven’t liked them!” I retorted. Of course that raised the subject of what the like button signifies to each of us and why some of the posts here are more popular than others.

orange nasturtiums
Which also raises the question of what blogs are for – especially this one – and whether I should be deliberately posting things that I think will generate more followers and likes.
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