de-bugging procedures

At first glance, it may look as if the rather snazzy spider in the photo is lying on her back waving her legs in the air. In fact she was dangling a few inches above the kitchen counter, suspended from the ceiling by a thread. It’s probably just as well that I saw her before I put the mixing bowl down and started measuring out the flour to make scones.

She was the second spider I had to ask to leave the house this morning. I don’t suppose either of them really fancied being outside in the rain, but I decided I’d be happier if they left the premises, even if they weren’t.
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friends & strangers

green praying mantis
This photo of one of the stranger bugs I have had the pleasure of meeting up close is dedicated to the friends – and strangers – who read this blog and occasionally leave comments or click the ‘like’ button.

flights of fancy

Yesterday I wondered whether the dusty old magic carpet could still fly. Shortly after posting, I realised it didn’t really matter if it couldn’t, as I found this marvellous creature, who offered an equally valid mode of transport for any flight of fancy I might want to make:

Aquamarine /blue-green coloured moth
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I’m back in the village and back to posting pictures of dead bugs. After all, when they’re this beautiful, how can I resist?

dead carpenter bee

The bugs in the poem below aren’t dead. They are, however, as bright as jewels in the early morning sunshine.
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Do not be deceived.

hover fly
There are many imitations.
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flowerless thoughts

As I said in “what’s been bugging me“, the local insects may be impressive, but most of them aren’t very colourful – at least not the ones who sit still long enough for me to take pictures. That’s what I like about flower photography: the subject doesn’t run away when you point a camera at it.

At the moment, though, there aren’t many blooms around to brighten the blog pages. It’s partly because of the heat – all the vivid wildflowers of a month or so ago have dried back to straw, and even in the garden the few plants that are in flower are mostly wilting and ragged.

But it’s the insects who are responsible for the chewed petals and holey leaves, so I’m in two minds when I see a bright bug to know if I want it to stay put for a photo or hop, crawl or fly away and leave my plants alone.

green grasshopper

a is for ant; b is for…

This weekend I’ve posted photos and poetry about bugs, and I have been thinking about all the small creatures who visit us and who share our house and garden.

sand hill entrance to burrowing bee tunnel
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