flights of fancy

Yesterday I wondered whether the dusty old magic carpet could still fly. Shortly after posting, I realised it didn’t really matter if it couldn’t, as I found this marvellous creature, who offered an equally valid mode of transport for any flight of fancy I might want to make:

Aquamarine /blue-green coloured moth
Not only was she a beautiful colour, but her wings had really pretty fringing, a detail sadly lacking on the carpet.
Detail of wing of aquamarine coloured moth
I’m not sure what kind of moth she is, nor, indeed, whether she might actually be a he. I think, though, despite the fact I’d describe her (or his) colour as aquamarine, she (or he) may be one of the emerald moths.

For those interested in such things, the picture was taken in central Spain and the moth was about an inch across with spread wings. Thinking about it, I suppose my flights of fancy may require a rather larger conveyance.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

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3 thoughts on “flights of fancy”

  1. Just give her (or him) an embiggening potion. I mean that must be available in this alternate world of fancies, right?


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