for a short time only

"Around the Corner from Hope Street" by Gwyneth BoxI’m going to be making my books available to download free from Amazon for a limited period. The first to be available will be Around the Corner from Hope Street, a poetry collection illustrated by graphic artist Lance Tooks, which will be free for the five days from Wednesday April 13th until Sunday April 17th.
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in the clouds

cloudsThree weeks ago I wrote that my external hard drive was refusing to boot. Faced with the prospect of losing ten years worth of photos, writing and other memories, I managed to remain optimistic.

I finally took the drive down to the shop earlier this week and have spent a tense few days waiting for news. The chap now tells me that he thinks he has managed to recover everything. To avoid a repetition of the problem, he recommends that I start storing things in the cloud.
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I’m back in the village and back to posting pictures of dead bugs. After all, when they’re this beautiful, how can I resist?

dead carpenter bee

The bugs in the poem below aren’t dead. They are, however, as bright as jewels in the early morning sunshine.
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poetry, plants and poison

Other than the gourd patch down in the orchard, one of the few bright spots in the garden at the moment is the uncontrollable oleander outside my study window.

red oleander flowers
I say “uncontrollable” as it has been ruthlessly cut back a couple of times and tied back with twine, rope and clothes line and still manages to break free enough to block the driveway. At least this year it isn’t covered in black fly and other bugs.
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the next big thing: “hope street”

Lance Tooks drawing from Sketches from Spain
Fellow-writer Karin Bachmann has asked me to join in “The Next Big Thing”, an internet project where authors from different countries, different ways of life and different writing backgrounds answer the same ten questions about a work in progress.

For her own contribution, Karin talked about Mord in Switzerland, an anthology of crime stories from around Switzerland; you can read about it on her stories47277 blog in the post The Next Big Thing.

As part of the project, I, too, will invite five fellow-writers to write their own TNBT page and will link to them on this page below my own answers. As Karin put it: “It’s like a chain letter, only that no bad luck will come out of your not participating ;-)”

So, here are my answers about an up-coming poetry book:
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