last post before Christmas

I’m fairly sure I won’t write on the blog again before Christmas – though I am quite likely to spend far too much of the day itself on the computer so there may be a post then – which is one reason for the post title. The other reason is that if you haven’t already sent your cards, they probably won’t arrive in time for the 25th unless you get to a post office tomorrow and pay extra for Special Delivery.

Post Office Box lions, Avila
Those two rather angry looking lions are intended to serve a dual purpose: to begin with, they are postal lions (from the wall of the main post office in Ávila, Spain); I also hope they’ll allow me to slip smoothly into a connection with the last blog post I made, a couple of days ago, under the title the lion in autumn.

(The reason it was “in autumn”, was because I was writing about the winter solstice a few days ahead of time.)

In that post, I included a poem (downloadable PDF available here: Gaudete); I noted then that poetry isn’t just about seeing words on the page, and recommended that if you wanted to know what I was intending when I wrote it, you’d need to read it aloud.

I’ve now come across an old recording I made, so if you really want to know what I intended, you can listen to it:

The winter solstice occurred earlier today. Rather than ending with yet another picture of a lion, I have a photo of dandelion – taken on Christmas Day last year, so very much a dandelion in winter – which is perhaps suitably reminiscent of the tournesol parasols and the glorious sunshine of the poem.



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