colours & sounds

English summers bring such a mixture of weather and colours. I admired this cousin to the dandelion not just for its cheerful yellow sunlike flowers, but also for its clear determination to hold tight and grow despite the odds.

This borage flower had rather more water and soil to aid its growth, and from the look of the sky, there was more water to come.
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the sound of clouds

After much procrastination, I have finally decided to set up a SoundCloud account and publish some audio files of my writing.

To begin with, I’ve recorded Biodegradables, which I posted here on the blog yesterday.
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last post before Christmas

I’m fairly sure I won’t write on the blog again before Christmas – though I am quite likely to spend far too much of the day itself on the computer so there may be a post then – which is one reason for the post title. The other reason is that if you haven’t already sent your cards, they probably won’t arrive in time for the 25th unless you get to a post office tomorrow and pay extra for Special Delivery.

Post Office Box lions, Avila
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