another day

Once more, the Internet informs: apparently today is International Haiku Poetry Day.**


Since haiku should include a kigo – a seasonal allusion – I shall include some seasonal photos in this post.

Of course in the UK, “seasonal” is an interesting concept: the next picture looks as if there is a snow storm in the offing, whereas I believe the snow actually happened ten miles down the road a few hours before the photo was taken. But it was taken yesterday, so it is, at least in some respects, seasonal.


In addition to the spring blossoms, here are some hai’QR:

Hai'QR postcard

If you don’t have a smart phone that lets you read them, or if it can’t capture them off the screen, I think you’ll find them all in Poems from the Pueblo, which will be available to download free from Amazon later in the week and over next weekend.

And for those who haven’t downloaded Around the Corner from Hope Street yet, I hope this poem from the book will tempt you. Hope Street will be available to download free from Amazon for just a few more hours.

Lens: a poem by Gwyneth Box, from the Hope Street Collection

Finally, for those who are thinking this blog has deteriorated into too much self-promotion, here’s another pretty picture and a link to some more haiku and other short poems that have appeared here on the blog in the past.


**And after “Finally” comes the post script.

If, like me, you wonder why haiku deserve their own day, why people persist in thinking syllable count defines a haiku, and whether “poetry” is included in the phrase “International Haiku Poetry Day” to distinguish it from International Haiku Pottery Day, I offer you this:

celebrate haiku
write seventeen syllables
pretend it’s profound


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