TEDx teddy bear

I admire the attitude of TEDx Ted in the photo, who seems happy to let others get on and sort things out while he sits calmly in the midst of chaos.

I’m still scrabbling to get organised after a busy few week, but a glance at the diary for the week ahead shows at least eight confirmed meetings and events so it doesn’t look likely to calm down anytime soon.

This constant whirl of ‘stuff’ all jostling for attention was one of the things on my mind when I wrote this piece recently:

Information overload

My inbox overflows with news and views,
updates, invites, promos, ads and spam;
I follow links that rabbit-hole me way beyond
the comfort zone. Opinion and authority lie
side-by-side. Each dizzy moment, history
is written and rewritten: dates are falsified
while facts collide and contradict. Tangled
soundbites nibble at my ears. Virtual vice
and virtuosity go hand-in-hand and Truth
is spun with neat economy. I’m clicking home,
but I am lost and and no one hears my screams
in cyberspace.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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