I admire the attitude of TEDx Ted in the photo, who seems happy to let others get on and sort things out while he sits calmly in the midst of chaos.

I’m still scrabbling to get organised after a busy few week, but a glance at the diary for the week ahead shows at least eight confirmed meetings and events so it doesn’t look likely to calm down anytime soon.
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too busy

I don’t have time to write very much today, so am settling for posting a picture of a busy bee.

bumble bee on mock orange blossomBees are familiar visitors to the blog, so if you want to read more, click that link and check out some old posts.

bees and birds

Last week I wrote a post – summing up – in which I did a quick round up of some of my recent writing activities. I think I hoped to give the impression that I was a real busy bee.

But not every insect that fumbles the flowers is a bee.

Hoverfly in greater bindweed flower
Similarly, not all frantic activity is genuinely useful. I wonder how much of my busy-ness is real, and how much is just headless-chickening.
Duck: female mallard dabbling in river. Head not visible


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