no rush

Tomb sculpture: Reclining lady and baby.

Well it’s Sunday and it’s Christmas Eve and there seem to be more cars racing down the road outside than ever do during rush hour.

In the supermarket yesterday everyone was dashing around with trolleys piled high. The couple ahead of me in the check out line spent over £500 and I’m sure they weren’t the only ones, though perhaps they were unusual inasmuch as they didn’t shop on line and they paid in cash. I’ve no doubt the shops are just as busy today, too, with everyone desperate to buy last-minute presents and terrified they might not have enough sprouts after all.

The whole festive frenzy seems so unnecessary. I personally would rather spend Christmas alone with a good book than fretting and feeling guilty over social and familial obligations.

I’ll admit that the woman and baby in the photo are rather too calm, and by “good book” I probably didn’t mean a prayer book, but the scene still seems appealingly peaceful and definitely preferable to the last minute Christmas rush.

christmas lights

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5 thoughts on “no rush”

  1. It is definitely preferable to the last minute rushing around. I wonder if some people like the atmosphere of shopping last minute. My parents have a tradition of waking early Christmas Eve and looking for last minute small items. But I really enjoy being at home on Christmas Eve. Also, merry Christmas!


    1. I used to like going shopping on Christmas Eve, but I don’t think it was ever to get anything essential, it was much more for the atmosphere, as you say.

      But I can’t imagine leaving supermarket food shopping until the last minute – at least not if you intend celebrating a traditional Christmas: perhaps if you want the best bargain pizza you can get! It makes sense when it’s fresh vegetables in the market, but the supermarket’s bagged sprouts probably won’t be any fresher on the 24th than they were on the 20th.

      Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting. I hope you have a lovely Christmas, however and wherever you celebrate it.


  2. Your welcome and also thank you! :) And I tend to agree with you about the sprouts (or bagged salad greens) probably not being any fresher on the 24th than the 20th from my own experience during other times of the year. And sometimes it’s even the vegetables that aren’t even chopped and bagged! But, anyway…I wish you a happy 2018 (just a little bit early)! :)

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