no rush

Well it’s Sunday and it’s Christmas Eve and there seem to be more cars racing down the road outside than ever do during rush hour.

In the supermarket yesterday everyone was dashing around with trolleys piled high. The couple ahead of me in the check out line spent over £500 and I’m sure they weren’t the only ones, though perhaps they were unusual inasmuch as they didn’t shop on line and they paid in cash. I’ve no doubt the shops are just as busy today, too, with everyone desperate to buy last-minute presents and terrified they might not have enough sprouts after all.
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the real thing

Browsing the online sales pages, I came across this:

Faux Mongolian cushion
I’m glad the description warns me that it is an imitation. But I would rather like to know what a real Mongolian cushion looks like.

On the other hand, years ago, an American colleague assured me that faux pas was pronounced “fox paw”. So perhaps this cushion is made from the fur of the Faux Mongolian – a relative of the Siberian Fox, I suppose, but adapted to a grassier terrain if the colour is anything to go by.