cat napping

black cat in box

The other day – well, Christmas Day, to be more precise – I wrote a post with poems about sleeping.

That post nearly didn’t make it through to publication, though, as I realised I’d made a stupid mistake when I decided on the title: since restive was entirely the wrong word, I came close to abandoning the whole thing.

Then I considered re-thinking things and using the title cat napping to post the same poems with a different set of photos.

In the end I decided to just admit to my error and make the original post and then make a second post with a different set of poems and some – more or less – appropriate pictures.

Here, then, is that second post.

Algie. Black and white cat  


Under laurel leaves, slick
with sunlight, pink nose snuffles
wild strawberries.
Cream petals drift and seagulls
mew overhead.

Three black cats 


finds a cat-length patch of shade
whisker-wide and hidden
from curious, non-feline eyes.
He dapples into tabby grey.



The adipose tabby
is happy to doze

on a mat in the sun
with her paws to her nose

and her tail curled round neatly,
its tip in her ear,

asleep in the sunshine,
with nothing to fear.

tuxedo cat asleep on sofa

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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