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Today is St Andrew’s Day, the national day of Scotland.

So, since Andrew the Apostle, also known as the First-called, includes among his patronage, fishermen and rope-makers, it seems reasonable to mark the day here on the blog by posting a selection of images of ropes, fish, fishing boats, and fishermen.

As well, of course, as thistles, which are the national flower of Scotland.


I do have plenty of photos of thistles and thistle-like flowers, but none of them were taken in Scotland. A number, including the next one, are from Spain.

cardo : thistle

There are even some from Wales.

Severn Estuary foreshore. Black Rock. Thistle. Looking towards new bridge

There are Spanish fishing boats, too. From the north…

…and from the south:

Cádiz small boats at sunset

And one, somewhere in the heart of England, a very long way from water.

old wooden rowing boat in a field

I think this giant thistle might also be from Spain but I’m not 100% sure. Wherever it was, it had a rather nasty case of black fly.

Giant thistle

The rope at the top of the post was in England, along by the canal in Gloucester, but I think this one was on a boat in Spain.

knotted yellow rope

And this fisherman cleaning a gutted baby shark was definitely on the Iberian coast – I think Galicia’s la costa de la muerte.

fisherman with gutted eel

I don’t know what this fisherman caught in the Mediterranean, but even if he caught nothing, it was a pretty sunrise.

Mediterranean sunrise Feb 2017

And this fish, seems to have died a natural, if unpleasant, death on the shores of a Spanish reservoir.

dead fish, embalse valdecañas

And finally, to round off, some more thistles.


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