wandering and pondering

two paths between trees

I’ve been trying to get out for a walk most days recently, despite the lockdown and I’ve made sure to take a camera with me, or at least have my phone to hand. With fewer people around, I am thoroughly enjoying the quieter atmosphere as it gives me more space for thoughts.

So, having posted some bits and bobs of early poetry drafts recently, I think it’s time to go back to the sort of photography and musings that is the other mainstay of this blog. There wasn’t any particular plan or theme here when I started, but having juggled the sequence of pictures, I think I’ve found a bit of a narrative thread.

I commented on Easter Sunday about how faithfully the park pond reflected everything that was going on, but to be honest, I don’t think I expected anything less.

Perhaps more surprising is the way the river shows a reflection that is slightly different from reality. Just where did that tall tree come from?

Warwick castle reflected in River Avon

Moving from the castle to the monarch, gives us a tenuous connection to Queen Anne’s lace, which is just beginning to froth through the countryside. Here I was struck by the contrast between the textures of the delicate flowers (also known as cow parsley or wild carrot) and the twisted iron:

Queen Anne's lace and old iron fence

And with the thought of textures still fresh in my mind, I can never pass a dandelion clock without wanting to look at it under a magnifying glass or take a close-up photo. Nor can I avoid a recurring thought: how organised and coordinated dandelion flowers must be; their timing is impeccable and you never see a dandelion clock that’s half yellow and half seeds:

dandelion clock close up

Of course dandelions are composite flowers and the yellow isn’t actually a shaggy petalled flowerhead: each tiny yellow pennant is a flower in its own right – which makes the coordination even more impressive!

On the subject of petals, I think the next two photos are both types of flowering cherry or prunus. I haven’t decided which colour I like best:

white frilly blossom

pink frilly blossom. Maybe prunus

I think these next blossoms dropped their petals one by one, leaving just the stamens, which here seem to be trying to juggle rain drops:

rain drops on blossom stamens

And now I think I’ve had enough of pretty petals and it’s time for some pretty pedalos:

pedalos - pedal boats

Which brings us full circle to the river in the first photo.

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Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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