poppies and seed heads alongside brick wall

I think there are certain flowers and plants that you just have to admire.

True, I would probably immediately love the poppy for the inner contradiction it displays with the brash scarlet colouring and the paper-fine delicacy of its ballerina-skirt petals.

poppy alongside brick wallBut even if that wasn’t enough to make me love the plant, the flowers are a clear favourite with bees, which makes it worthy of affection.

Poppy close up with honey bee

In keeping with the delicacy of the flowers, the buds droop demurely.

poppy flower buds

But once the petals drop, the soldier-straight solidity of the pepper-pot seed heads offers another contrast – especially once they ripen to shake free all the tiny seeds inside.

poppies and seed heads alongside brick wall

And, finally, it’s worth noting just how determined poppies are to grow in the least little patch of dirt.

The poppies shown here had managed to germinate and take root right next to the road in the cracks at the foot of a wall and were in full bloom, offering their cheerful faces to the world first thing this morning, after a couple of nasty, wet and cold days.

poppies alongside brick wall

Not only are they worthy of admiration, but I think there are lessons to be learned from them, too.

poppy flower centre

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