not floral at all

stone carvings

I said yesterday that most of the photos I take are of plants, especially flowers and seed heads, so today I was determined to post something that wasn’t floral.

And I’ve had the joy of spending most of the weekend copying the contents of a stack of old CDs onto an external hard drive, so I have a lot of photos to choose from. True, not all the files on the four dozen CDs were photographs, but the vast majority were. And having had a look through the first half dozen discs, I wonder why on earth I kept half of them.

Actually, I’m not even sure why I took half of them in the first place, nor why I took them the way I did. For example, why on earth didn’t I stand head on to take the picture at the top of this post? And why didn’t I then take individual shots of each of the creatures? I think they all deserve their own portrait.

I suspect, though, that I had my mind on more mundane things, as the other three photos were all taken the same day.


Even if the carvings are rather sylvan and there is greenery in the background, I think we can agree that these marvellous machines aren’t in the least bit flowery.


Unless of course you think the valve wheel is like a red blossom, the teeth on the cog wheels are akin to petals and the rope might just be made of vegetable fibres.

In which case, I’ll remember that “plant” can also mean machinery and just admit defeat.


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