A closer look

single white geranium flower close up

Autumn is quite definitely here and the plants that grow in pots in my yard are looking decidedly the worse for wear. Yes, there is still a fair amount of greenery out there, but the flowers are all gone and there’s precious little sign that any more will come.

Well, I suppose “all gone” is not strictly true. There is a single blossom on one of the geraniums.

single white geranium flower

I’ve said before that I was disappointed to find that all the geranium plants I had bought were white. I probably shouldn’t have complained, though, as they were good strong plants and weathered the last two winters well enough for me to think I shouldn’t waste any money on buying new plants this year.

And the fact that there’s still a perfect flower out there, when it’s nearly mid October and we’ve already had some dreadful autumn weather, confirms that they were a good buy and the flower probably deserves a closer look.

single white geranium flower

The vast majority of the photographs I take are of plants, especially flowers and seeds. Not all of them, of course: among the pictures there are also ropes and machines and dry-stone walls. But whatever the subject, the chances are that I want to look at it close up, to see the details and the texture.

My poetry also tends to focus on details, but it’s a little odd that my poems are usually written from a very visual perspective, while my photography seems to focus on the sense of touch.

single white geranium flower close up

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