A closer look

Autumn is quite definitely here and the plants that grow in pots in my yard are looking decidedly the worse for wear. Yes, there is still a fair amount of greenery out there, but the flowers are all gone and there’s precious little sign that any more will come.

Well, I suppose “all gone” is not strictly true. There is a single blossom on one of the geraniums.
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not enough poetry

There’s definitely not enough poetry on this blog recently.

dead oak leaf

This morning, while walking back from the village, I heard something scuttle across the road and turned to look, only to find it was just a dry leaf blown by the wind, not an interesting small creature that would inspire me to write something new.

Then again, the scampering noise and the slight incongruity reminded me of the white mice in this piece, which dates all the way back to the year 2000:
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